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About us

We believe in respect, assuring happiness for the wellbeing of your dog as our number one priority.

Communication Groomers-Parents & Respect Groomer-Dog is the key...

Here we work at your dog's pace and special needs, we approach your pet with Calmness, Comfort & LOVE, reducing unnecessary anxiety and stress cause by grooming.

We are not a grooming factory. We prioritize quality over quantity. Build and value our dog-groomers relationship.

We do not agree with your dog being forced and pushed to anything they are not comfortable with.

Our approach is centered on catering to your dog's individual needs and pace, providing a pampering experience.

We prefer not to crate your loved ones.

At times they will be free to roam and socialize, this help us to keep a calm and quiet space to reduce anxiety and unnecessary stress.

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Get to know your groomer

Getting to Know the person who will take care of your pup is important.

Hi there!, I'm Karina the head groomer of DGG, Ever since I was young I been surrounded by animals from bonding with horses to caring for dogs, I had a deep passion and love for all.. This early passion laid the foundation for my aspiration to become a vet. I pursue this aspiration. However, my journey took a significant turn when I moved to the US. My first job as a dog bather played a significant rolled in shaping my newfound love for grooming, and the importance of doing different and prioritizing the comfort of dogs, I aimed to create an environment where they wouldn't have to endure long hours in a kennel waiting, where dogs wouldn't be muzzled for expressing their dislike for the grooming process. The focus was on offering a setting that caters to their individual needs and preferences, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable grooming session.

Over the past six years, I've honed my skills by working in various talented groomers, assimilating different methods and techniques while refining my own.

Imperial Beach has become my home—a place where I raise my child, surf, and enjoy beach days. Committed to this incredible community, I strive to provide a grooming service that distinguishes itself from others.

Rest assured, every member of our grooming team is genuinely passionate about caring for your dogs.

In order to archive the perfect grooming we prioritize offering high-quality, fear-free care. Our space is designed to allow your furry companions the freedom to roam, interact, and play as they choose, fostering an environment where they are respected.

Our definition of perfect grooming involves providing a stress-free, positive, and loving experience. We refrain from kennel drying and avoid imposing muzzles on dogs for perceived misbehavior. Instead, we tailor our grooming approach to each individual dog, considering their unique needs and ensuring a personalized and compassionate service.

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Contact us (619) 253-8958 | 932 Palm Ave., Imperial Beach CA. 91932 |